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Hangover BBQ was opened in July of 2018 by William and Stephanie Litman.

The roadside carryout, nestled between a stream and GC&P road brings live smoke BBQ to the Upper Ohio Valley. Serving up pulled pork, racks of ribs, peppered turkey, jalapeño cheddar brats and brisket, all smoked long and slow over a custom-built, wood-fired smoker. Steph brings southern flavors to the sides, which she makes from scratch.

Between Steph’s entrepreneurial spirit and Billy’s cooking expertise, the pair turned their love of barbecue into a bustling business that’s garnered quite the loyal fanbase.

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Where did the name “Hangover BBQ” come from?

HANGOVER BBQ's name originated from a local band of friends in 2000. The name HANGOVER BBQ resurfaced when Billy and I were trying to think of a name for our BBQ spot. Hangover also means "something that has survived from the past." We thought it would be a perfect fit for our roadside destination!

What kind of smoker do you use?

Our meats are cooked over a 500 gal. stick burner, off set, direct flow smoker. It was made custom for us by a welder in Texas. We use West Virginia Cherry wood.

What type of meats do you use?

We only use the best premium meats - think small batch, craft barbecue.


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